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U5 (2018)
Saturdays (4 sessions)

U7 (2016-17)
Saturdays (8 sessions)

U9 (2014-15) 
Fridays (4 Sessions)
Saturdays (8 sessions)

U11 (2012-13)
Mondays/Wednesdays, & Fridays or Sundays

U13 (2010-11)
Tuesdays/Thursdays, & Fridays or Sundays

U15 (2008-09)
Mondays/Wednesdays, & Fridays or Sundays

U17 (2006-07)
Tuesdays/Thursdays, & Fridays or Sundays

Mondays/Wednesdays, & Fridays or Sundays

Tuesdays/Thursdays, & Fridays or Sundays

Ball Hockey Volunteers Needed!!

We are in need of volunteers to help coach and manage our YOUTH teams this season!

If you are interested in a coaching or manager position within our Youth program, please register under the coach/manager registration link below!

If you are able to help with other volunteer roles please choose the Volunteer link below!!


The CNG SPORTS Program aims to become the preeminent development program in the Peace Region, for providing adults and youth alike the opportunity to play competitive sports.

CNG Sports focuses on developing players, in preparation for competition and beyond, with an emphasis on the promotion of the required physical and mental skills needed, while competing at the highest possible levels. Our sports programs focus on building character through teaching the value of strong work ethic, commitment to achieving goals, good sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and the promotion of a winning attitude. 

Our hockey program (CNG Rebels) is a member of the Hockey Super League, and offers a competitive alternative for youth hockey players, wanting to take their talents to the next level. Prospective players, are not limited by their geographics in order to play within this program, and have access to increased development on and off the ice, not offered in traditional programs. Our coaching staff are hand selected to teach the fundamentals with a consistent approach, while creating respect for the game, and building strong character through competition in all our players. 

CNG Sports also offers a competitive Ball Hockey program during the spring/summer months for Men, Ladies and Youth teams, as well as the opportunity for our players to participate in the Blue Devils youth program that plays the top teams in Alberta at the provincial tournament. 

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CNG Sports General Administration

CNG Sports General Administration


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