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CNG Sports

CNG SPORTS is a Sports Program that offers adults and youth alike the opportunity to play competitive sports in the Peace Country region.

Currently, CNG Sports has been offering a Ball Hockey program during the spring/summer months for Men, Ladies and Youth teams, and will be entering our 6th season in the spring of 2022.  We also offer our Blue Devils youth program that plays the top teams in Alberta at the provincial tournament. 

CNG Sports also offers a Competitive youth hockey program, (CNG Rebels), that is an alternative option to traditional minor hockey in our area, and is unique in the way that players are not limited by boundaries in order to play competitive hockey. This program is focused on skill development and providing a fun and competitive environment. Our program is a part of the Hockey Super League, a League that is completely independent of Hockey Alberta and Hockey Canada and we are heading into our 3rd season.  

CNG Sports has plans to also branch out into other sport disciplines in the future as well. 

CNGBallhockey CNG Ballhockey CNGBallhockey
CNG Sports General Administration

CNG Sports General Administration


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