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Playoffs 2022-2023

Hockey Super League Mission Statement

-To provide youth hockey players with an environment to showcase and progress their individual skills within a team setting.

- To establish a culture and partnership for it's member organizations based on a continual improvement of it's athletes.

-To uphold the highest level of sportsmanship and team play, while maintaining all stakeholder's competitive passion and love for the game.

-To develop player confidence and leadership qualities on and off the ice.

-To provide a safe and positive work environment for all officials, linesman, arena staff and volunteers.

The Registration "REBELS HOCKEY" is not currently available.


 The CNG Rebels Hockey Club is based out of the county of Grande Prairie AB, and is a member of the Hockey Super League. We provide a high quality environment for youth hockey players with an emphasis on development, character, integrity and respect. 


-Respect for the game
-Work Ethic

Hockey Super League Core Values: 

All stakeholders in the Hockey Super League will work in collaboration to create an environment to establish the following core values in its athletes:

-Work Ethic
-Team Work
-Respect for teammates, opponents, and officials

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