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What are the ages for Youth Ball Hockey?

January 1st to Dec 31st of each year is the cut-off. (U=Under)

  • U5 (2017) 4 sessions + T-shirt to keep
  • U7 (2015-2016) 8 sessions
  • U9 (2013-2014) 12 sessions
  • U11 (2011-2012) 16 sessions + playoffs
  • U13 (2009-2010) 16 sessions + playoffs
  • U15 (2007-2008) 16 sessions + playoffs
  • U17 (2005-2006) 16 sessions + playoffs
  • U19 (2003-2004) 16 sessions + playoffs

What are the youth ball hockey fees?

  • U5 $90 (per player)
  • U7 $140 (per player)
  • U9 $270 (per player)
  • U11 $330 (per player)
  • U13 $330 (per player)
  •  U15 $330 (per player)
  • U17 $330 (per player)
  • U19 $330 (per player)

All rates do not include GST and processing fees.  This will be added to cost at checkout. 

Why is there a fee increase for U11 - U19 2019 season?

  • We have given these divisions more games than in previous years.

Do we need goalies for U5, U7, and U9?

  • We will be rotating goalies in these divisions.

What Equipment is needed for Youth Players?

  • Hockey Gloves, Helmet with cage, Hockey Stick, Soccer Shin Pads, Soccer Socks & Shorts. 
  • We will provide the jersey, but this must be handed back in at the end of the season.

My child wants to be a goalie, do I need Equipment?

Yes, each goalie should have their own goalie gear. If you can't afford it please email admin. If there are lots of goalies in a division, we will give the spots to the children that have their own Equipment.

Do you allow friend request?

  • No, we understand that friend request is for driving purposes, but if we allow friend request, we CANNOT make teams even. This becomes an issue in the Youth Divisions, we ask that you please understand this. 

    * We have made an exception for kids that are 25 mins away for Grande Prairie.*


 What are the rules for women's teams playing men's  teams in 7/8?

  • The same rules apply for all divisions.

What rule book will be held accountable for the game being played and the officiating being taught in clinic?

  • We will be using the WRBHA rule book and officials training program.

How will the league be devised? Will it be similar to Metro?

  • Once again we will mirror WRBHA, which will bring some changes to the operation.

How will the seeding and placement of teams be done?

  • Division will mirror WRBHA for men's and women's. We will do our best to have parody and make adjustments if need be. Original tiering will be based on previous seasons and player's previous experience.

When do the U5, U7, and U9 play?

  • U5 play  (4 days)
  • U7 play 
  • U9 play 
  • U11-U19 have 16 games and playoffs

** Dates and times are subject to change if league needs to adjust each division**

Can I coach Youth Programs?

  • Yes, you will be able to register to coach online. We also require a criminal record check from the RCMP.  Please see under the Home Tab, under forms to print it and bring to the local RCMP.

Do you need Referrees and Scorekeepers?

  • Yes we do. If you are interested please contact Kris at

Are Jersey's supplied?

  • Youth division jersey's are supplied by the league and returned to the league the following season. This year we will have a jersey bag and a jersey parent.
  • Men's and Women's teams supply their own jerseys or for a fee we will provide jersey's, shorts, and socks.

What days do the YOUTH program run?

  • U5 Play on Saturday's from 8:15am to 9:00 am
  •  U7 Play on Saturday's from 9:00am to 1:00pm
  • U9 Play on (8) Saturday's from 1:00pm to 5:00pm & (4) Friday's 5:00pm to 7:00pm
  • U11 Play on Tuesday's & Friday's 
  • U13 Play on Thursday's & Sunday's
  • U15/U17 Play on Tuesday's, Friday's & Sunday's
  •  U19

**Dates and times are subject to change if the league needs to adjust each division**

What days do the Women's and Men's teams play?

  •  Women play Monday's and Wednesday's.
  • Men play Tuesday's and Thursday's.
  • Will fill in Friday's and Sunday Evenings.

Can we register a full kid's team this season?

No, we don't allow a full team to register. It has been our number one complaint that some teams were stacked. We had kid's, coaches, and parents not happy and kids not showing up for those games or quitting because it wasn't fun to play against those teams. As our league grows, we will be able to change this.

Is there an old-timer's division?

  • No, if we have enough teams to fill a division we will have one.

Do you have any association with the previous operators (Metro Sports)?

  • ABSOLUTELY NOT. There is zero association with them nor will there ever be.

Why do I have more games in one arena than in other arenas?

  • Due to the 1000+ players registered to play ball hockey, we are unable to play at just one rink. The Dave Barr arena in Grande Prairie is the only rink available for ball hockey. We utilize other rinks in the County such as the County Crosslink and the Sexsmith arena, to be able to accommodate our players and allow for earlier floor times for our Youth program. 

Why do we play one team more than another?

  • Scheduling 58+ teams this season is not easy. We have some odd and even numbered divisions with a set number of games per program. This means we won't be able to balance the schedule perfectly. There are lots of factors that go into a large schedule. 

When will the Women's C/D Divisions split?

  • The women's divisions will change for the playoffs. We will split them based on points.

When do Men's, Women's & Youth Season start and finish?

  • Men's will start 
  • Women's will start  
  • Youth will start 
  • Tournament TBA.

Why do we have so many late games?

  • We have 58+ teams this season and 3 rinks we can utilize. These are the Dave Barr arena in Grande Prairie, County Crosslink in Clairmont, and the Sexsmith Arena. We run our youth program earlier in the evenings, and the men's and women's run until 11:00pm every evening (except Saturday). We are also sharing floor space with other programs.

Can we have practice time in the Youth Division?

  • Yes, this is up to the team. If you are interested you can contact any of the 3 rinks to request a floor time. The cost is up to the teams parent group.

If a Youth team is not equal, will there be player movement?

  • If the league feels there is a team that is stronger than others, the league has the right to move players to make it more enjoyable for all kids. Coaches if you feel your team is weaker than others, please contact admin.

You collect suspension fees for Men's and Women's teams, where does that money go?

  • The money will be going to charities of the League's choice. We will also help families who can't afford to play ball hockey. The money does NOT go into our pockets.

Our Women's team is in need of a spare goalie, can we use another goalie from our Division?

  • Yes. Please see Rules & Regulations on how it works.

The STATS are incorrect from my game. Can they be changes?

  • If you feel like your team STATS are incorrect and it's during your game, please talk to the Ref at the end of your game. If you notice it later, we ask you please contact . At that point, we will look at the game sheets and the information you send. Not all requests to change stats will be applies. Please not that it can take up to 48+ hours to change stats.

How will the Youth jerseys be handed out?

  • We will have a jersey bag this season. As well as a jersey parent that will take care of jerseys after each game. The Jersey parent will have them for all games.

Do you have a 24 hour rule?

  • YES. Please use the 24-hour rule when having an issue with your game, or your child's game. That includes any issues with parents, other coaches, referees, scorekeepers, or other players and teams.

Are teams allowed to affiliate players?

  • NO. Teams are not allowed to affiliate players whatsoever, once you are on the team there is no playing for anyone else. However, goalies can sub for up to 5 games for another team as long as they don't move down a division to do so. A team can pick up to 3 goalies.

Are we allowed to pick up players anytime?

  • Yes, as long as they haven't played for any other team this year.  They must get their 5 Men's, 4 Women's games in before playoffs.

Will rosters be frozen for men's and women's?

  • Yes, rosters will be frozen after the 10th game played, so make sure your roster is up to date!!

Who should be contacting the League on behalf of a question or complaint after the season has started?

  • Men's and Women's teams should go through their Team Captain.
  • Youth teams should go through their team manager. 
  • We get lots of emails per day, so using those proper channels will enable you to get your question or answer sooner.

If a player quits can they play for another team that season?

  • No, if a player is signed to the team roster, they have to stay with that team for the remainder of the season. No jumping from roster to roster.

Can a part-time/backup goalie affiliate with another team?

  • NO. The only person on your team that is allowed to affiliate/Sub for another team is your goalie. Not a player who is your backup, strictly your goalie.

Are fines and suspensions up to date?

  • All fines and suspensions are a minimum amount and can vary accordingly.

Are you a part of other Leagues around Alberta?

  • CNG Sports is a private company that isn't paired with any other League in Alberta. We run this League privately. We do communicate with other Leagues for suggestions and ideas.

Does Wildrose set the suspensions and fines for CNG Sports?

  • No. We have to follow the minimum suspensions and guidelines that they set out, then CNG Sports can add as many games or increase the fine amount as they see fit. 

Why is CNG Sports giving out so many games for suspensions, when Wildrose has an amount for each game?

  • CNG Sports is a private company that uses the minimum guidelines set out by Wildrose. We, as a PRIVATE company, have the right to give as many games as we see fit. CNG Sports is trying to clean up the League by giving out maximum suspensions to deter from FIGHTING, ABUSE OF OFFICIALS, AND ANY MAJOR PENALTIES.

As viewed in the past under Metro, the quality of officiating can be detrimental to the equal opportunity given for a team to succeed. So , that being said, are there any plans to improve not only the incentives for officials, but the quality of officiating as well?

  • The answer is yes. We are looking to have quality officials on a consistent basis. First, we intend on giving our senior official a raise, and Second they will be paid on time and in the correct amounts. Just these two reason should get some quality officials to return to our games.

Does the League have Blackout Dates?

  • Easter Break 
  • Mother's Day 
  • Victoria Day Weekend 
  • Sexsmith Arena (For Grad)
  • Father's Day 
  • Canada Day (Men's & Women's)

**Dates and times are subject to change if the League needs to adjust each division**

When is the Referee Clinic?

  • TBA

When is the Scorekeepers Clinic?

  • TBA

When are Youth Provincials? (CNG Blue Devils)

  • TBA

When is the Youth Year End Tournament?

  • TBA

When are Men's & Women's Provincials?

  • TBA

Do you have CO-ED Divisions?

  • No CO-ED Divisions for the 2020 Season


What is the price for a full team in Men's & Women's?

  • Women's Team is $3000.00 with 16 games + playoffs.
  • Men's Team is $3400.00 with 18 games + playoffs.

What will be the playoff outline?

  • Games will be the best of 2 total points.





















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