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Regular Season 2022-2023

Who is Rebels Youth Hockey?

The Rebels is a privately owned Hockey Program in the Grande Prairie AB region. We are a member of the Hockey Super League, and cater to minor hockey aged players 2011 to 2016 birth years.

 What is our mission?

Our mission is to provide an alternative to local minor hockey programs. We also provide the appropriate developmental paths as stated in the Hockey Canada Development Guide. As well as provide a safe, political free atmosphere for players and families, with a main focus on our culture of excellence.

Is there any difference in format from Hockey Canada?

Some of the substantial differences include:

Geography; players can come from anywhere to play on an HSL team and have zero restrictions to choose which team to play for.

Contact; in the contact divisions, there are modified checking rules to create more speed in a game and prevent brain injuries, this is similar to the CIS and NCAA contact system.

Development Plan; It should be said, that our development plan is exactly what Hockey Canada would expect from their members, but it has been unachievable in minor hockey, we however follow this religiously and we can because we use qualified non-parent coaching and supply the appropriate ice-time to implement this plan.

Referees; Finally the referees are members of the HSL, and have an entirely different approach. We are required to work respectfully together and build a relationship with our officials and I can say it has been great by comparison to Hockey Alberta.

For additional information please visit

 Is Rebels Youth Hockey just a spring hockey league?

No, we offer a regular season alternative to local minor hockey programs, and run from August/September until March of the following year.

What is included with the Rebels Youth Hockey registration?

The cost of registration and fees for the Rebels Youth Hockey provides the following:

Player Development; a player development plan from the team coach,
implementing Hockey Canada's development program.

Games; 32 game regular season schedule & playoff weekend showcase.

Coaching Staff; Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager and full-time team trainer.

Practice time; Between 70-100 hours of practice ice time.

Goaltenders; Goaltenders receive specialized training from an accredited Goaltending instructor.

Power Skating; Power Skating with an accredited instructor

Off Ice Performance Training; Off Ice Performance training with an accredited instructor.

Players will also be featured in a player handbook and on social media.

Why is there a Hockey Super League Registration & Insurance Fees?

HSL Registration and Insurance fees ensures all players are covered at all HSL Showcase, Championship & Exhibition games. This insurance also covers program practices, training sessions, and exhibition games. 
Additionally HSL is setting a new standard and mandating all teams be uniform on and off the ice. Each team is supplied with equipment from the HSL including practice jerseys, socks, HSL Hoodie, and HSL hat as well as an Instat Premium Subscription.

Additionally New Players ARE required to purchase a new player package through HSL:

This initial package includes; helmet, gloves, pant shells, hockey bag, game jersey, game socks, off ice workout gear.

Are we fully insured?

Yes, we are fully insured through the Hockey Super League (HSL). All players, Coaches, Staff & Officials are fully covered.

How much travel is involved in a season?

Expect 8 showcase weekends and one playoff weekend, for a total of 9 traveling weekends on average for each team.  

What is the level of competition within the HSL?

 HSL offers a Major (AAA) or Minor (AA) division of most age groups so we can have a competitive atmosphere for all of our teams. 

What are some additional costs that may arise?

Potentially, if a team decides to go to tournaments, team building events, or any other unlisted event, these will not be covered within the CNG budget. The families are required to tend to their food and lodging during showcases as well.

What are the fundraising options & expectations?

Fundraising to cover costs is entirely up to the individual family, and will be given the option to work alone fundraising for your player or as part of the team. Every player will have a personal account with the Rebels Hockey Club and statements are sent out regularly with your current financial position with regard to fees. We do offer an excellent sponsorship and fundraising program to bring the direct cost to families to as low as zero if chosen.  The average cost after fundraising and sponsorship per player in general is less than $1500 and multiple players have played each season at no cost at all, after applying their sponsorships and fundraising efforts to their account.

Does the Rebels Youth Hockey offer coaching and volunteer positions?

Yes we are always looking for talent to join our team. We are regularly seeking applications for Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Trainers each season. Some of these are paid positions. If you are interested please contact us at

Where are Rebels Youth Hockey team practices held?

We consider ourselves a regional organization and fully intend on supporting our regional facilities. Potential practice facilities include:

Crosslink County Sportsplex, LaGlace Arena, Grovedale Arena, Coca Cola Centre, Dave Barr Arena, Revolution Place, Rycroft Arena, Wembley Arena

Do you offer anything for Rec Players?

Unfortunately at this time we do not.

Do you offer alternative ID Skates other than the scheduled dates?

Unfortunately at this time we only have the scheduled dates available.  Any player unable to make the ID skate dates but would still like to be considered for a team, MUST register for the ID Skate and contact us immediately at Any player that fails to register regardless of attendance or premade arrangements will be deemed as not interested.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for CNG Sports and support youth in your area.